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Eclectic Array’s mission is embracing artisans to create unique handmade products, connecting artisans with consumers and transforming lives across Mexico.


We work with incredibly talented artisans that make beautiful handmade products across every region of Mexico. Mass production from overseas has taken away much of their limited work. Our goal is to bring more autonomy and work to the artisan communities in Mexico, enabling them to continue their traditional crafts.


Empowering Great Artists & Giving Them a Platform

Our concept was inspired by Kiva, a non-profit organization that specializes in “micro-finance loans” given globally to individuals in poverty that are seeking small scale entrepreneurship opportunities.  They can use that money to start a business or grow their business and they take pride in paying back the loan. It is the mentality of “teach a man to fish” - as opposed to a handout that someone may not even appreciate. Through Eclectic Array, we wanted to make a difference in a similar way, giving individuals the opportunity to support these individuals that were great artisans, through their purchase power, which in turn makes a difference in the lives of artisans and for their families to rise above their current economic situation.

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An Unforgettable Adventure

Inspired by Italian traditions, I.O. Domani, was envisioned during a three week European escape for “something new.” From one of Italy’s largest metropolitan cities—Milan—to the most southern most tip of Calabria, these unforgettable adventures connected us to some of the world’s finest fashion.


In experiencing the Italian way of life, we realized how this distant land heightened our five senses encouraging us to passionately share our understanding with the two locations we call home – Los Cabos, Mexico and Dallas, Texas.


The I.O. Domani boutique prides itself with offering distinctive quality and opulent apparel to fashion forward individuals all around the world. Our team prudently selects each designer and their items to ensure the upmost quality in material and craftsmanship.


We believe that your fashion should stand the test of time.

As the seasons change, notable style should always endure.


I.O. Domani, Inspired by the World



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Krei is the first Mexican concept store to present a fresh curatorship of international luxury brands, ready-to-wear and one-of-a-kind accessories by Mexican and Latin American designers.


At Krei you will find the hottest brands from instagram’s it-girls under one roof.


Discover the favorite pieces of international models and influencers, among the more than 60 brands that make up the #KreiFamily.

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Labor-intensive clothing includes hand-painted silk dresses, blouses, and skirts with a custom fit for each body-type. Designed and manufactured in Cabo.


Shopping at Pepita’s Magic of the Moon means having a positive attitude about yourself, your life, and your body or as she says, “I cannot help the negative or low self-esteemed woman…” Having fun is part of shopping at Pepita’s, which reflects the lifestyle found in Los Cabos.


Colorful patterns, silk, and hand-painted dresses are as real as it gets and so is the owner, Pepita. Wardrobe fittings are part of the designer process. Product knowledge and fabrics are Pepita’s forte and custom fittings are part of the shopping experience at Pepita. She offers silk, European rayons, and an assortment of specialty fabrics.


Because today’s woman leads a full life, she is increasingly looking for ways to be resourceful while maintaining the personal and social part of her life she so values. Many women now seek alternative ways to shop to the chaotic and frustrating environment of the local mall. Pepita realizes the importance of accommodating these needs and has created a venue to meet them.


Imagine coming into a serene, unhurried, gracious setting where your personal shopping needs are accommodated. Imagine relaxing with Pepita and her girls emerging a few hours later having actually found something exciting and unique. You now have a vision of The Pepita Experience.